May 1, 2011

Hapy Birthday

Dear Mom:

Happy Birthday! I hope you liked the surprise breakfast, and I hope you have a great birthday today with our cousins! I <3 you!

- Laura

So you are probably wondering I just 'wrote' a letter to my mom, well...  [insert dramatic pause] is my moms birthday!!!! I am so excited. Our friends got up and came over at like, 6:10 this morning, and made a breakfast for my mom and our family!! they decorated [my sisters and brother helped too, I was sleeping when all the prep. took place ;)], and it was so fun! then we ate with them, and they went home to get ready for their church while we stayed here and got ready for ours. It  has been a great day so far, and now we are going to leave soon for our cousins house to go eat dinner and have cake with them!! Overall, this was probably my Moms best birthday ever!! now I just have to go buy her  a present! :)


  1. Hope your Mom had a amazing day!!!
    Love Gabby Faith

  2. she did! and I'm sorry I haven't posted in SOOOOO long!! I've been really busy lately!!


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