January 31, 2011

This is a picture of the pyramids in Egypt i think, I put it on because in the church service yesterday the pastor mentioned it. Like, they made the Pyramids wit ha perfect 90 degree angle on all sides of the first layer, which was like the foundation,then they put on more bricks, which didn't have to be so perfect, Jesus is perfect, and strong, like our foundation. and if we choose him, we get that foundation, so here is the picture:

 I, personally, like the picture very much. I think it is beautiful. :)(

If you were at the service, and notice something wrong with my post, please tell me in a comment so i can fix it!! thank you.

January 23, 2011

Last minute Christmas...

So I know it's January, and not the 'Christmas' season, but that's why this is called 'Last Minute Christmas'...

 Three cute snowmen!
 Christmas Cookies! [okay, i have to admit. we DID make these at Christmas Time]
 A candle...
 Two little buildings.
 The trees outside...
The last ornament on the tree!!!! :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

January 14, 2011

A poem... ...that I wrote


The end of the world,
A tragedy it would be,
But also it would,
 Be a sight to see.

The beginning however,
Is very different,
The Lord our God,
Created it in an instant.

The first form of life,
Was Adam,
and the Lord, he did not leave,
And from his rib, became his wife,

God’s love for you is never-ending,
A helping hand for you,
He is always lending.

Some will take the bad road,
Some will take the good,
If you choose the bad road,
To hell you will go.

Some will take the bad road,
Some will take the good,
If you choose the good road,
To heaven you will go.

Satan is,
The king of sin,
When you go wrong,
He will win.

God is,
The King of all,
Between you and him,
There is no wall.

When Jesus comes back,
It will be called the rapture,
If you had a camera,
It would be something to capture.

By: Laura Fetzer