April 16, 2011

On a winter day...

So, I am mad. It snowed today, and today is: Saturday, APRIL 16, 2011. again - APRIL!!!
But fortunately, it only snowed for about and hour, and it all melted within that hour. but still, I'm mad.
So, I've made a post of things I like on a winter day:

Home Run Inn pizza! ;)

Zebra Print Snuggie [they're so warm!!]

The Princess bride - this is an amazing movie!
Hot cocoa! I actually made this, I put cinnamon on top, and other stuff, it was amazing!! :)
So these are SOME things that I like on a cold, winter day!!


  1. Anonymous4/16/2011

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  2. uh, yeah! snuggies are SO warm!! and, i love zebra print, so I adore that one!!


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