June 14, 2011

Horsfeathers - another beautiful giveaway

Hello Again!
So Olivia over at Horsfeathers made another awesome giveaway.
here's the link to the post: Click Here for a burst of awesomeness!
Hope you like it. Oh, and just so you know - the winner is chosen randomly by Random.org, it is totally fair. so don't worry.

June 9, 2011

Taylor Swift - Mean

So this has nothing to do with the post, but did you know that today [June 9th] is Jonny Depps birthday?
yes, it is. it was probably all over the internet too - but I knew before! [no, I am not an obsessed fan with a letter in my mailbox waiting to be taken to him] I'm just saying.

so now onto the actual post part, I found this music video of Taylor Swift, and it is the song mean Mwahahaha! [jk].  And I really like the song so I wanted to show it to you!

I hope it works, and if it doesn't - please tell me in a comment!!thank you!!

Luvv; laura.

June 6, 2011


Hello Agian!
So there's a really cool blog with the most wonderful items for a giveaway!!
She had me at giveaway. I LOVE giveaways - and this is one of the most wonderful giveaways ever! you have to at least look at the items. and if you are anything like me, you sill be dying to win this!! even though there is only a small possibility of myself winning, considering she has 1027 other followers than me! ahhh!!

anyway, here is the link for something you will NEVER forget about!!: Click here

Much Love, Laura. <3