September 3, 2010

Camp rock (and our day)

Hey! you all know about Camp Rock 2 right?
it's coming out today!!!!  actually 19 minutes. on disney channel. we're goanna record it then fast forward the ads. I think it'll be interesting. I hope so!! we're going to have a really good dinner tonight with the movie: Salisburry steak, chicken nuggets, and rice!

Today we went to the Mitchel domes in Milwaukee and Discovery World (also in Milwaukee). It was fun, I did a flight simulator at Discovery World, but I crash landed, I was so close to landing!    At the domes we went in all 3, but I think the 2nd one (the tropical dome) was the best! they had Cocoa bean trees, and a Chickle tree, did you know that they use the sap from Chickle trees in Chicklet's gum? they also had coffe (yum yum yum!), guava, Neem (used for neem oil and the twigs for toothbrushes), and Grapefruit trees! it was so cool!! (and humid, and kind of stinky). we took a bunch of pictures, i'll have to put some on.