May 27, 2011

Of Horsefeathers

so there's this really cool giveaway on Olivia's blog, Horsefeathers.  I don't know how she can post so much, considering I CANNOT!!!!!!
but anyway, here's the link to the post!!
click here for ittttt!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

Polyvore II

Hello agian!

So I told you about Polyvore [see Polyvore I], and I made an outfit, not the one I told you about in the first post, but a new one, a new and shiny one, a RED one.

And I am going to show it to you, right after this break[jk.jk.]


Polyvore I

Okay, so no, I don't have a Polyvore account, but my sister Sarah has one.

What Is Polyvore?

Polyvore is a site on the internet, and once you have an account, you can create outfits, 'scenes'... and so, considering I like that kind of stuff, I think Polyvore is pretty awesome. They have almost everything from every brand, and more items! And even if you don't have an account, you can still see my sister's sets. [that's what they're called] If they have a search bar, you could probably search a name, which her display name is: Actinggirl15. and her picture is a pink Audrey Hepburn photo. she has really cool sets, so you have to check it out!

Link: Click Here! :)

I hope you enjoy looking at her sets!!

p.s. She let me make a set, but right now it's just a draft, she micht post it though, so see if she put's something on called a 'guest set', or something close to that!!

May 24, 2011

Ten, or eleven things??

10 Random questions about me:

  1. Do you wear Glasses? Yes.
  2. Are you a girl/Boy? Girl.
  3. Do you like Pink? No.
  4. what is your favorite animal? Zebra.
  5. What is your favorite car company? Porsche's are cool, but I like Audi's too.
  6. What is your dream job? a mentally-handicapped therapist.
  7. What country do you live in? America.
  8. What is your astrological sign? Leo.
  9. Are you public schooled? No.
  10. How many blogs do you have? 2.
 Bonus 11: What is your favorite fruit? Kiwi

Please Comment with your answers too!!

P.S. I am sorry  that I have not posted for a LONG time!!

May 6, 2011

Funny Friday

Ola!, or however you spell it!! but - lets get the message across, HI!

So everybody does Marvelous Monday, or Something Tuesday, etc. so I'm doing Funny Friday,. So I have put a HILARIOUS video on, or at least I think it is.
It is made by a christian stand-up comedian, so you know it will be 'clean'. as my parents say.
And, it's funny! I like all his videos, but I'm only putting one on. so if you liked him and want to watch some of my favorites, I'm going to put the link for the ones I like best listed below. His name is: Tim Hawkins!!!

The one above is him, joking around saying that 'the company's' are going to take our wirship songs [Holiness, Blessed be your name, I can Only Imagine...] and change the words for their own use. it's really funny.

And now, I'm just going to give you the links to others:

Cletus Take The Reel
Things You Dont Say To Your Wife
Subway Song
Chick-fil-a [I love this one, I memorized it.]
Free Credit Report
Krispy Kream

Hope you enjoyed these!

May 1, 2011

Hapy Birthday

Dear Mom:

Happy Birthday! I hope you liked the surprise breakfast, and I hope you have a great birthday today with our cousins! I <3 you!

- Laura

So you are probably wondering I just 'wrote' a letter to my mom, well...  [insert dramatic pause] is my moms birthday!!!! I am so excited. Our friends got up and came over at like, 6:10 this morning, and made a breakfast for my mom and our family!! they decorated [my sisters and brother helped too, I was sleeping when all the prep. took place ;)], and it was so fun! then we ate with them, and they went home to get ready for their church while we stayed here and got ready for ours. It  has been a great day so far, and now we are going to leave soon for our cousins house to go eat dinner and have cake with them!! Overall, this was probably my Moms best birthday ever!! now I just have to go buy her  a present! :)