February 23, 2011


So, I told you in my Happy Valentines Day post, that I would be learning how to knit, so - I did! well, I learned how to crochet, crochet with beads, and finger crochet. I also learned loom-knitting, it's not really knitting, but it looks cool! They make looms for hats and scarves. There are videos for getting started, doing it, and for casting off [finishing], on YouTube. In the box where you put your search queue, search Mikeyssmail, yeah - it's an odd name, but he has really god videos for the hats, but for the scarves - search Joccy101, she [even though she's like, 10] is easy to understand, "Mikey" - however is not very good with the scarves, but is great with the hats! you will need a nut-pick, and a good sized abundance of yarn. Below, are some photos of the few items that I have created so far:

These were finger crocheted, the one with beads, is a bracelet,and the one without, is a bookmark.

This, is a [teal] hat, that I loom knitted.

This, being a beautiful scarf, I cannot take credit for - My great sister Sarah is nearing the end of creating it.
You can buy the loom set which contains one large loom, one medium loom, one small loom, and one freakishly small loom, all in a set for about,  $12 dollars at Wal*Mart. and the yarn is at an average price at  Michaels craft Store, I'm not sure about Wal*Mart.


  1. Wow, Laura... these are really cool! I've heard it's really hard to make these sort of things... So nice job! I like the new blog format.... Maybe you can add these sort of things to your business!

  2. Laura that's SO cool!!!
    I love the hat it's awesome, Well they're all awesome;)
    <3 Josey

    P.S. Gabby has some of those looms but we don't really use them much:)

  3. Thank you both! [Riley], They're not really that hard, But the scarf looks really confusing! I did start to add them to my shop too :). and the format, thank you agian! I changed my other one [www.icekating.blogspot.com] too, i like it better! [Josey] Thank you!!


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