February 18, 2011

90 Minutes in Heaven

this is the cover of the book.

So I'm in the middle of  reading this cool book called 90 Minutes in Heaven, it's about this guy, Don Piper, a christian and a pastor at a church, and he's thinking of starting a new church. So he goes to this conference, and it is few days long, and so now he's on his way home, the meeting had ended early, I have NO clue if it effected the crash, anyway - it's rainy, and he takes a different route home, and as he is driving on a bridge, and as he has later to learn that there had been several earlier crashes on this bridge before, he is driving and a large eighteen-wheeler semi truck, driven by an unlicensed truck driver, comes up and swerves over, pushes his [Don's] car over to the side, with only the side-rail to keep him from falling into the lake/river below, and it pushes the dashboard down only to crush the entire left side of his body, and then the truck goes on to hit two more cars, of which the drivers only had minor injury's, the guy goes on to describe what heaven is like, he didn't go through any dark tunnels, nothing like that, he said he just went straight to heaven. he described the looks of heaven, the sounds of heaven, it is so cool! I haven't read any more than that, I'm only on chapter 6 [but I started it yesterday], I'll put more of what I learn in a comment, as I get further into the book.
He also has another book: 'Heaven is Real'. I haven't read it. this is a picture of him.  whether it was before of after the accident, I don't know. 
Don Piper

Author[s]: Don Piper and Cecil Murphey.


  1. That's a great book!
    Well actually I haven't read it but when ever Wynter reads a book she tells me the WHOLE thing. So I kinda have read it sorta ;)

    <3 Josey Clark

  2. Haha! Sorry for that temporary ugliness of the blog, of whatever way you wanna put it, anyway - sorry that it was messed up!! :)(

  3. My cousin was here yesterday, and she saw the book on my bed, she said that her parents had that book, plus another: 30 minutes in hell, I have never read it. just thought you might want to know. :)(

  4. So I
    He had an Ilizarov Frame on his left leg, and it had rods going THROUGH his leg! and I think he had one on his left arm too. he had it on his leg for um, 13 months! I mean, I had my cast all the way up to my hip when I broke my leg, but that's like, a band-aid compared to this! He was in ICU care, and well, yeah. :) I'm on chapter 11 now. the cool thing is, he put a bible verse [or two] at the beginning of every chapter. bye!


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