June 9, 2011

Taylor Swift - Mean

So this has nothing to do with the post, but did you know that today [June 9th] is Jonny Depps birthday?
yes, it is. it was probably all over the internet too - but I knew before! [no, I am not an obsessed fan with a letter in my mailbox waiting to be taken to him] I'm just saying.

so now onto the actual post part, I found this music video of Taylor Swift, and it is the song mean Mwahahaha! [jk].  And I really like the song so I wanted to show it to you!

I hope it works, and if it doesn't - please tell me in a comment!!thank you!!

Luvv; laura.


  1. Her... umm..... i don't know if i should click on that video or not.....

  2. Why? did your computer say something is wrong with it?

  3. haha. very funny. but FYI - I'm not as obsessed as Sarah!

  4. oh that's good.... that would be bad.


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