February 11, 2011

Letters To God

This is a cool movie about a boy who has really rare brain cancer, and it's funny in a few parts, but the boy isn't thinking about himself, he's always thinking about others, those of you who have watched this know what I'm talking about.

left to Right: His brother Ben, his friend Sam, and him [Tyler].
His mom, I liked her in the movie. she was a good actress!

 here's a like to watch the trailer: click here

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And then, here's some funny 'letters to God' that i found:

This one is just plain HILARIOUS!
This one just CRACKS ME UP!
this one I like, I'm guessing it's a boy named Sam. 


  1. oh, and one thing... I'm Pretty sure you can buy it now.. yeah! i hope they make more movies like this! <>< :)(

  2. It's SO sad, I was crying:(
    But other then that, It was AWESOME!!!

    <3 Josey C.

    P.S. Miss you guys:(

  3. Yeah, My mom said she was crying, But I wasn't. I really liked it!


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