December 21, 2010

today, an awesome day!

Today I was sleeping over at my cousins, the Noseks, house (yesterday evening we went to see Tangled, it was pretty good), so we had really good pancakes for breakfast, then we went outside and made an igloo, but we didn't finish it.then we shoveled, and came inside. we went on, and had fun. then we went outside, and we made battle forts in the garden that looked like the scene of World War I, but made of snow, and had a huge snowball fight, unfortunately, my team wasn't winning. :( and our battle wall fell down. but we totally killed the opponent, but he still won. 


  1. Your Opinoin: my OPINION is you didn't spell opinion right...:) sis ;)

  2. Anonymous12/25/2010

    haha~ and I'm the one who loves spelling!
    - Laura
    ( I didn't bother to sign in because it takes too long)


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