November 29, 2010

Merry christmas!!!!

I am SO excited for christmas, all the decorations, get-togethers, but most importantly the day that Jesus Christ was born! We just started decorating, we have a lot of porceline figures with a light inside them, we have a bear, mary and joseph and baby jesus, an little harware store, an opera house, a church, and a few more. we also have a little piano playing/singing snowman, it's so cute! I like decorating for Christmas, because when youre done, it feels so hom-ey and cozy. i think the best king of party is either a birthday party, or Christmas party. my Grandma has a Nutcraker collection so we have tons of nutcrakers, we have a lot of christmas wreaths, and christmas decorations! we also have a christmas pillow, which i just so happen to be sitting right next to right now! I hope you all have a great christmas, and that it is filled with joy and laughter (laughter is always good at christmas time)!!! and if you don't know Jesus, i hope that this christmas, you will!! MERRY CHRISTMAS OF 2010!

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