June 6, 2010


there are quite a few blogs that I (sort-of) know the "owners" of, so I thought I'd share them with you:
1) icekating (made by: me)
2) Another day in my world (made by: Sarah)
3) fashion forward 4 fun(made by: Sarah)
4) for the love of animals (made by: Abbey)
5) Swirly doodles of Grace (made by: Grace)
6) invierno photography (made by: Wynter)
7) Diary of a drummer girl (made by: Josey)

and the "latest" (as of December 16th 2010),
8)   thoughts of anoth freed servant (made by: Riley)

if any of theese sites don't work, PLEASE tell me in a comment, or if you know me/my e-mail. I'll try to fix them.!! THANKS!!!    "Have an Incredible day!" - The M&I Bank

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